Ways to Guaranteed Internet Success
posted on November 13th, 2013 | in Humorous

Ways to Guaranteed Internet Success

We are all big fans here at HolyStone of John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, and his associated pod cast The Talk Show. There was an episode where it talks about Internet Success, in terms of start ups or freelancers. Now, many of our clients fit this category, of start-ups, freelancers that need our production support, and small compaines of employees that wear lots of hats. So…what are these secrets to guarantee Internet Success?

They were:

•    Have a fussy way of making coffee, that involves grinding your own beans.
•    Have a “clicky” keyboard, be it old, or new.
•    Own a Sodastream. Not for the traditional making of your own carbonated drinks, but to simply over-carbonate water.

Follow these, and you will be guaranteed success!

Sometimes it is as-simple-as that. Personally we like the Pierre, but you get the idea. Now why did we decide to post this now? Take a look at this very cool kick stater project that inspired this post. Enjoy.


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